Corporate Programs

What is corporate wellness? 

Corporate wellness programs are programs and activities sponsored and paid for by an employer to help promote work-life balance, mental and emotional well-being and create a culture of happy employees. Most Americans will spend over a third of their lives at work. Creating a work culture that supports work-life balance, stress management, both inside and out of the office, is becoming the standard. According to the American Psychological Association, 58% of Americans say that work is a significant source of stress. The responsibility of managing that stress is no longer solely put upon the employee. Employers of all sizes and budgets now understand that helping their employees manage that stress is key to retaining them, increasing productivity, and work satisfaction.  

Corporate Meditation Programs

Below are our standard meditation programs for businesses.  We are very open-minded so if you have another idea for how your company can utilize the Station or our services please let us know.  We enjoy customizing and tailoring packages to ensure the best experience possible for all parties involved.

Self Serve Sessions

We bring the station to your office or other designated area and you use our six unique meditation pods as your team needs it through the day.  Our house sound system can play guided meditations, binaural beats, nature sounds or silence for your sessions.  Self-serve options seat up to 6 at a time and can be done in 15-20 minute sessions or as needed by your team.  Explore you!

Guided Sessions

We bring the station to your office or other designated area and one of our experience creators will guide your team in an open space setting in various breathwork, meditation and mindfulness techniques.   Instructor led group sessions seat up to 10 and sessions last 20-30 minutes.

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions are customized to fit the goals of your team, focusing on techniques proven effective in the workplace.  These sessions last 30 minutes to 1 hour and have both guided and self-serve components.

Corporate Lunch & Learn Sessions

Our Corporate Lunch & Learn Sessions are a great way to introduce your team to meditation as a powerful and productive tool for the workplace.  During these 1-hour long sessions we will come into your place of business (typically in a conference or meeting room) and talk a little about our background with meditation, what meditation is to us and how we utilize it, and then discuss, demonstrate and allow the participants to experience different meditative/mindfulness techniques.

These programs are great for companies that are looking to roll out meditation as a company wide wellness plan, companies with employees that may be new to meditation, as well as a great complement to the Self-Serve Option with our Mobile Studio (for example, we have a Lunch & Learn Session at your business on a Wednesday, then we bring the Station back on Thursday for your employees to practice the techniques they were taught at the Lunch & Learn.

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