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How much more productive would you be at work if you weren’t as stressed out?  How much does work stress affect your overall health and well-being?  According to the American Psychological Association 58% of Americans say work is a significant source of stress.

The stress is there (see infographic below for more stats).  The question is, what are you doing to manage and handle the stress?

With combined 25 years experience in corporate sales, marketing and project management, our team knows what it feels like when too much work stress starts to negatively effect your quality of life.  Our programs are designed with the hard-working professional in mind to maximize the efficiency and potency of the corporate meditation sessions.

Corporate Meditation Programs

Self Serve Sessions

We bring the station to your office or other designated area and you use our six unique meditation pods as your team needs it through the day.  Our house sound system can play guided meditations, binaural beats, nature sounds or silence for your sessions.  Self-serve options seat up to 6 at a time and can be done in 15-20 minute sessions or as needed by your team.  Explore you!

Guided Sessions

We bring the station to your office or other designated area and one of our experience creators will guide your team in an open space setting in various breathwork, meditation and mindfulness techniques.   Instructor led group sessions seat up to 10 and sessions last 20-30 minutes.

Small Group Sessions

Small group sessions are customized to fit the goals of your team, focusing on techniques proven effective in the workplace.  These sessions last 30 minutes to 1 hour and have both guided and self-serve components.

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