Community Programs

One of our core values is building relationships within a strong, open minded community.  Learn how empowering something as simple as observing your breath for 15 minutes without judgement can be.  We want to offer this powerful tool to  Fort Collins and Northern CO with our unique mobile meditation studio community programs.

Community Meditation Programs in Fort Collins, CO

Self Serve Sessions

Find our location for the day and stop in to use one of our unique meditation pods house sound system offering guided meditations, binaural beats, nature sounds or silence.   This is the perfect opportunity to cultivate a new meditation technique or master your current practice.  Self-serve options seat up to 6 at a time for 15 minute sessions.  Explore you!

Guided Sessions

Let one of our expert experience creators guide you in an open space, small group setting in various breathwork, meditation and mindfulness techniques.  Instructor led group sessions seat up to 9 and sessions last 20-30 minutes.

Meditation Workshops

These instructor led sessions cover various topics such as meditation education, scientific studies, how it can be applied in your day to day life and a multitude of helpful mindfulness techniques.  Workshops typically last 2-3 hours and seat up to 9.

Personal Meditation Coaching

Ready to take your journey inward to the next level?  Our personal coaching sessions offer invaluable one on one feedback, training and assistance to go deeper into your personal meditation practice, awareness and consciousness.

Ready for Your Self-Exploration Experience?

Interested in a session?  Have questions or feedback?  We would love to hear from you!

Why Meditation?  Current Research Confirms Its Positive Benefits


Reduces stress and anxiety

​Boosts creativity and problem solving

​Strengthens focus and attention span

​Creates strong social bonds and connectivity

​Aids in learning and memory recall

Develops self-awareness and mindfulness

​Helps nurture a sense of happiness

​​Supports health and immunity

​​Improves sleep quality and rest