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Alternate Nostril Breath

Meditation Type: Breathwork Level: Beginner/Intermediate Best Used: To bring calm, balance and serenity When I'm feeling stressed or way out in my auric field and not in my center, this technique always helps bring me back to my center balance so I can focus on being....

Heart Meditation

Meditation Type: Visualization/Imagery Level: Beginner/Intermediate Best Used: When questioning direction/path in your life I love using this technique to really check in with where my internal compass, morals and values are currently at.  This can be great to relieve...

Minimalist Guide to Meditation

I talk to people everyday who are interested in mindfulness or meditation but don't really know where to begin. Unfortunately there is still a lot of mysticism around meditation and questions like "What exactly is meditation?" or "How do I begin meditating?" come up...

The Meditation Station is a non-affiliated mobile meditation studio in Fort Collins, CO that provides the local companies, community and schools with meditation and mindfulness experiences that are sure to leave you with improved overall well-being and sense of inner peace.

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