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Cold Exposure Ideas for Wim Hof Method Traininig

Cold Exposure Ideas for Wim Hof Method Traininig

One question that I get regularly as a certified Wim Hof Method instructor is how to practice cold exposure after the class or workshop ends. The easiest thing for most people, in most cases, is variations on cold showers. "But what if I live in an area and the shower...

How the Wim Hof Method Helps Me Manage Stress

Ever feel "butterflies" in your stomach before a big meeting because you are afraid you may mess up? Waves of anxiety about your current or future finances? Can’t sleep thinking about another failed or failing relationship? Constantly worried you are unhealthy or...

Statue Meditation

Meditation Type: Concentration/Single-Pointed Focus Level: Beginner/Intermediate Best Used: To loosen the  internal grip of an emotion.  To bring calmness or centering to yourself. I wanted to share a meditation that I have been using both post cold training + warming...

Meditation of Intent

Meditation Type: Mantra/Positive Affirmation Level: Beginner Best Used: To create balance in the body, mind and spirit. This has been one of the best techniques I have used to create a balance within.  This meditation combines three intentions to develop a strong and...

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