Our Story

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw

Our story you ask? How do we boil it down into words that make it all seem so simple, so black and white? Okay, I’ll try, but it won’t be perfect.

Years ago, we were doing all the things we were told to do – by our circles of influence and by all of society’s mainstreamy-ness. We followed those orders quite nicely.

Something kept nagging at us though. We weren’t quite aware of what it was in hindsight, but the pull was there. Our lives were an endless cycle of wake up, drop off the babies with people we didn’t know, go to stressful corporate jobs for 9 hours, pick up the babies, eat dinner, crash into bed, wake up, repeat. Somewhere in small pockets of time, we were supposed to find time for ourselves, to grow and heal.

During these years, Tate dealt with chronic back pain. While searching for solutions, much advice was given. Do these stretches. Take these supplements. Get this MRI. Be a part of this research program. After all that effort, invasive surgery was given as a last result recommendation.  He didn’t take that for an answer. He continued to search for anything but that option. His search (thankfully) lead him to exploring nutrition, yoga, meditation and other forms of alternative treatments.  Coincidentally enough, both his naturopath and chinese medicine doctor advised him to start taking cold showers.

Cold showers. Are you saying to yourself, “oh hell no”, now? Everyone else was too. Slowly we came to realize this is where the change in both of our lives began.

From Tate:

“From cold showers and a nudge from a friend, I was inspired to study the techniques further and become a certified instructor of the Wim Hof Method. The pillars of this practice are breathwork, focus/meditation techniques and gradual exposure to the cold. More importantly, exploring this practice lead me to expanding my mind and body beyond mainstream influence.

Though I had been practicing meditation and mindfulness techniques for several years at this point, it wasn’t until I started regularly practicing the Wim Hof Method when my meditation practice really started to make a greater impact on my life.  Meditation prior to that was usually me sitting for a few minutes and then getting frustrated because my back started hurting and I was constantly “fighting” myself to try to focus on breathing, imagery, counting or whatever other meditation I was exploring at that time.  Meditation time started to equal me being frustrated time… not cool.

Now, meditation and the Wim Hof Method are an integral part of my life.  I use and explore various types of meditations and mindfulness techniques to help me reduce stress, be more present minded, have laser focus, and continue to expand my mind/body connection.  Without setting aside time for meditation and mindfulness, there is no doubt in my mind I would be an absolute mess. So grateful I make the decision to continue this practice!”

Though our minds were expanding, we were still in the hamster wheel of life. Leaving our girls in the hands of a daycare began to eat away at both of us. In December of 2016, right before Christmas, we took a total leap of faith, and Tate quit his high paying corporate sales job to take care of our munchkins full time. “We had them, why shouldn’t we raise them?”, was our thinking. The leap proved to work for us. Tate watched the girls while I worked full time and we felt a little sense of “we’re doing what’s right for us”. That little nagging of “there’s more” continued though.

A couple months later, we realized we were being pulled west and started to talk of what it might be like. To go west, to where alternative ways of thought were more accepted, where we could be immersed in nature, where we could watch our girls grow as free thinkers and do-ers. After some internet searching, our hearts were pulling us to Fort Collins.

Once I got the go ahead to move and continue working remotely with my old company, we jumped to visit this place that was calling us and immediately knew it was a resounding yes. Weeks later, we sold our freshly remodeled “forever home” and trekked across the country with our little family, my parents, and one of our best friends. It was scary. It was exciting. It was a new chapter with so much possibility. More possibility than we ever knew.

We arrived in Fort Collins on the cusp of winter. We knew no one. Not a soul. We thrive on connection, so not knowing anyone and not having any help with our girls, was a new challenge. A challenge we had to experience and we’ll continue to experience, which has brought our little family so much closer together.

As we settled in and came out of the winter mode and into Colorado’s beautiful Spring, Tate’s Wim Hof Method workshops were the catalyst for us meeting our new tribe of friends, aka “framily”. These people supported our thoughts and ideas and challenged us to think of even newer ones, which lead me to start adding meditation into my daily “me time”, which made Tate so grateful!

In hindsight, meditation provided an immediate impact on my calm, my reactions, my stress level, everything. It’s all still a practice. I’ll learn from it for the rest of my life, but the insights I gained in such a short time made me want to share this with others.

My idea for a mobile meditation studio came completely out of the blue, and I thought “now THIS is a GREAT idea!” I wanted to share these practices with others and hopefully put them on a path of better knowing themselves.

Like most ideas, I completely forgot about it. I really did. Until, a moment I’ll never forget. At a Rock Your Bliss retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado, my teacher, Jacki Carr, spoke to me like I’d already told her about this idea. “Yea, you told me, the truck”, she said.  Heart beating so fast, I said, “no I didn’t. In fact, I haven’t uttered a word about it all retreat because I completely forgot about it”.

That was the nudge I needed, the nudge we needed. From there, the wheels began to turn and Tate was completely on board. We need this to grow ourselves and to help others grow themselves. No questions asked.

As we look back on the journey to get here, it’s been nothing short of miraculous.  With a multitude of serendipitous moments, and an incredible amount of growth, we’ve invested in ourselves and our families. Often falling or failing, but always getting back up again having learned a lesson.

We want to share in growing and in the lessons we’ve learned (and will continue to learn) with the community we’re sure to grow through the vehicle that is The Meditation Station.

We hope you’ll be a part of the journey.

Peace & Love.