About Us

Heyo!  We are Tate & Sarah, owners/operators of The Meditation Station.  Let’s face it, life is stressful. By incorporating mindfulness and meditation into our regular routines we have found a peaceful space within all of the chaos that life can bring (you know… kids, bills, starting a business, maintaining your health).  We want to share this peace, tranquility and feeling of connection that we have gained from meditation and mindfulness by offering Fort Collins and all of Northern Colorado a unique and beneficial experience with The Meditation Station.

Our Story

Our story you ask? How do we boil it down into words that make it all seem so simple, so black and white? Okay, I’ll try, but it won’t be perfect.

Years ago, we were doing all the things we were told to do – by our circles of influence and by all of society’s mainstreamy-ness. We followed those orders quite nicely. 

Something kept nagging at us though. We weren’t quite aware of what it was in hindsight, but the pull was there… (to continue reading visit Our Story)

Our Values

  • HEALTH – Value your health.  Respect your mind & body.
  • COMMUNITY – Value your community.  Respect all others in your community and help it grow.
  • BALANCE – Value your balance.  Respect the yin and yang, masculine and feminine in all aspects of your life.
  • GROWTH – Value your growth.  Respect the change needed to grow.
  • FREEDOM – Value your freedom.  Respect and be grateful for every free thought, choice and decision you encounter.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an approachable, open-minded, non-affiliated, safe and judgement free space for people to explore themselves, from the inside out.

We want to help people become more empowered, less stressed and happier beings through the power of mindfulness and meditation.

Regardless of your background or current condition we strive to help develop the best you!

Contact Us

Interested in Booking The Meditation Station?  Questions or Comments for Us?  We Would Love to Hear from You!