Create a More Peaceful Home: 13 Zen Ideas to Design an Empty Corner


Check out the Meditation Stations entry below at Redfin on ways to create a zen retreat in an empty corner of your home!


Your home is the space where you start and end each day, where you can escape the stress of work and leave all your worries at the door. Sometimes, however, your home has the opposite effect and may even drain your energy and negatively affect your mood.

In today’s world, creating a more peaceful home that allows you to recharge is more important than ever – and sometimes it starts with just the corner of a room. So whether you’re living in a two-story home in Knoxville, TN, or a condo in Vancouver, CA, these 13 ideas will bring you one step closer to a peaceful home.

Start with the corners to create a more peaceful home

Create a meditation space for a more peaceful home

Your meditation space doesn’t necessarily need to be in a completely quiet room. Ambient sounds such as those from traffic or air conditioning can be useful in some types of meditation practices. Even being outdoors can enhance your meditation experience. Make sure there is space for a comfortable chair where you can put your feet flat on the floor and that the space provides you with the opportunity to store things you need to “prime” the relaxation response. These items may be candles, incense, crystals, or a meditation bowl. And, don’t let the lack of an “ideal” space keep you from your practice. Almost any location can work as long as the space allows you to feel comfortable and safe. – Levelhead

Incorporate handwoven rugs on the floor or walls

Being an antique property in a historic district, our trick to finding the perfect balance between old and new are antique hand-woven rugs, which, in our (and The Dude’s) humble opinion, make a room. You can put them on the floor, or better yet, on the wall as tapestry art. Sure you could buy something online, but why would you when you can build around a piece that is unique, handmade of natural fibers, and has so much history and character? – Addison Choate

Introduce a plant or bouquet to the space to create a more peaceful home

Instantly bring vitality and life to any room or empty corner by introducing a plant or bouquet of fresh flowers. If the space feels incomplete try adding a freestanding pedestal for a potted plant or vase arrangement to be displayed like a sculptural work of art. Another option for a smaller space is to get a special vase designed to hang on the wall. That way you are still able to bring flower-power energy without adding any clutter. – Atelier Ashley Flowers

Stick with a color theme to unite the space

I choose to decorate corners to create a more peaceful home with a variety of sizes and shapes, but have a unifying color or set of colors to unite or create a connection between them all. Layering within the space either horizontally or vertically can create symbiosis and a feeling of depth. Art, found objects, and antiques placed within proximity to each other become a whole, united by the space of the corner. – Happigal Art

Make the most of your wall space

A corner is a perfect canvas for a seating area, but don’t forget about using your wall space, too. Add a wall of floating shelves or hooks and add décor, potted plants, or hanging plants to make the most of the entire corner space. – Furniture Pipeline

Create a mindfulness corner to spend time in each day

To create a “mindfulness corner” start by dedicating a spot in your home that is going to be just for you and your meditation or yoga practice. Once you have your dedicated spot, keep your yoga mat or meditation cushion out at all times. Studies show that seeing your mat will actually increase how often you use it. Dedicate time every day to visit your mindfulness corner and watch as the space begins to grow with energy and power over time. – Tribe

Convert a corner into a personal zen retreat

If you have an empty corner space in your house you can quickly and easily convert it into your own personal zen retreat in the form of a meditation area/altar. Adorn this soon to be sacred space with as much or as little “ceremonial” decor as you like such as plants, candles, crystals, deities/statues, incense and holder, rocks from the local area, feathers you may find taking a walk, oracle cards, sound bowls, meditation pad and/or cushion, etc. Just don’t forget, what you put in your meditation space to set that zen retreat vibe for yourself isn’t nearly as important as actually sitting down and practicing the art of awareness on a regular basis. – The Meditation Station

Woman using aromatherapy to find peace

Raise the bar in your unused corner

Your “corner bar” takes on a whole new meaning when you take that unused corner and make it into the best part of your home. The right bar cabinet can help you keep things neat and provide a functional spot for you and your guests to mix up your favorite drinks. Storage for wine, glasses, and more makes it easy to stay organized and be the calm, collected host or hostess. – Twin Star Home

Find locally-made ceramic pots for your plants

Of course, we love a sweet houseplant as a companion in a quiet corner to create a peaceful home. Even better if it’s potted in a locally made ceramic and has the soil topped off with some stone from a favorite beach. An inspiring or moving print from a local artist can be a reminder that both the work and the rest that you do in this quiet space affect your relationships and the greater community. After all, an empty corner doesn’t need to be empty if it’s filled with ideas and objects that ground and connect you. – The Portland Yoga Project

Design reading nook catered to your tastes

Consider a reading nook lined with artwork, a chair, and other essentials, like a lamp or small table. Plant lovers could add a traveling vine. The really ambitious could envelop it all with a canopy. – Rooster’s Crow Farm Art Studio

Enhance your corner with a round rug

Give your corner an elevated feel by using a round rug to anchor the space. A custom-sized round rug allows you to perfectly fit the room and furniture arrangement. – Sisal Rugs Direct

Choose a sacred space for yoga and meditation

First, find a quiet space, maybe that’s a spare room or a corner of your home where you feel like you could relax. It doesn’t have to be big, just big enough that you can roll out your yoga mat and a few yoga props for practice or a meditation cushion. You may have a small table for candles, incense, or crystals … whatever tools you like to help you feel relaxed and comfortable. A peaceful picture, or a plant, or a window to look at while you are practicing yoga or meditation can help to provide that type of relaxing environment for you, to reflect and practice in. – Serene Yoga Studio