Meditation Type: Concentration/Single-Pointed Focus
Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Best Used: To loosen the  internal grip of an emotion.  To bring calmness or centering to yourself.

I wanted to share a meditation that I have been using both post cold training + warming exercises (and also when I find myself frustrated) that has really helped me enhance not only my awareness but also the effect of the cold and subsequent emotions that can follow afterwards.

This meditation has had a profound effect on how I deal with emotions internally, especially anger/frustration.  One possible way to look at EMOTION is by looking at it as (E)nergy in MOTION.  Usually when we feel a certain way we try to close the feedback loop by thinking about events from the past or potentials in the future to coincide with the emotion that we are currently feeling.  It works the other way also when you are thinking in certain patterns then we start to feel those emotions of whatever the thought pattern is around (i.e. thinking of getting into an argument with your co-worker or boss then feeling on edge ready to lash out at the next person you come across).  On the physical plane when this happens we usually pace, twitch our leg/feet, rock in some form or fashion, etc.  By doing this we are essentially giving both mental and physical energy to the emotion which is only going to fuel it for a period until it burns out.  If it doesn’t burn out, we can become entangled with depression, anxiety, fear, worry etc. as our default state of being… and no thanks to all that.

Hence the beauty and the power of the statue meditation.  By pretending to be a statue, lifeless with no movement, you don’t give the energy of the emotion anywhere to go to continue it’s momentum.  In my experience, the emotion of the situation slowly dissipates and loses it’s grip on me from the inside out. 

Sometimes I can be a little jacked up after my morning ice bath and warming exercises so I will use this after I have warmed up naturally.  By sitting completely still in silence, like a meditation statue in a stupa, I am able to calm and center myself for a few minutes before I start my day to day activities.

Please note… I am not saying working through things and going deeper into an emotional pattern you are in is not beneficial, merely giving an alternative to try and see how your experience goes with it.  As a concept this is useless, it must be practiced a few times to have the experience.  It may not resonate or work for you and that is ok too. 

Below is how I perform the meditation and some tips on making it efficient for your practice:

How to Perform the Statue Meditation

  • Sit comfortably in a meditative posture  with your hips raised above your legs (sit on a meditation cushion, rolled up yoga mat or blanket)
  • Close your eyes and start to relax your body and mind
  • Focus on the act of breathing for a brief moment to bring yourself into the present moment
  • Once you feel relaxed, use your imagination to pretend that you are a statue.  No movement is allowed.  Even the act of breathing needs to have minimal movement.  It will take your full awareness, but become a statue and DO NOT MOVE!
  • A big piece to this is not suppressing the emotion that you are in when performing this meditation.  Feel anger, feel sadness, feel depressed, feel sad, feel anxious, don’t try to change it!  Not saying don’t feel, simply don’t move!
  • Optional: Use a hand mudra to really set the tone/intention of you being a meditative statue.  That can help me get into the mindset.  Just remember when you lock in your hand position, don’t move after that!
  • This has also been great for me in continuing to practice and cultivate my own willpower, which is a huge piece to practicing the Wim Hof Method.  Having a pain in your leg or itch on your nose and not moving takes serious control to not react to those impulses.
  • If you need to, set a timer for 3 minutes to start, increasing in 3 minute intervals until you can sit in no movement for 15+ minutes.

Utilize this technique after your next cold training + warming exercises, the next time you are feeling angry or frustrated or any other emotional wave you don’t want to be in, or anytime you would like to feel more calm and grounded.

The magic for me is in the awareness in the shifts that takes place in my body after being still for a few minutes and literally feeling the emotion loosen its grip on me internally as I don’t give the emotion any outlets to flow through. 

Try it for yourself and see how it goes and as always I hope this helps you in some form or fashion.