The Meditation Station is a non-affiliated mobile meditation studio in Fort Collins, CO (view our write-up in the Coloradoan) that provides the local companies, community and schools with meditation and mindfulness experiences that are sure to leave you with improved overall well-being and sense of inner peace.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of meditation and mindfulness into the Fort Collins and Northern CO community, workplaces and schools without any associated religion, spirituality or philosophy.  We want to create a safe place for people to relax and de-stress in to help bring times of calm to the chaos that can at times fill our lives.  Deep breaths FoCo!


Corporate Programs

Whether you're a large or small company in Fort Collins, the benefit of meditation for your employees is unparalleled. We can customize meditation packages to improve stress management, focus and help with employee retention. Reach out to discuss possibilities for your company.

Community Events & Services

For our beloved community we offer workshops, instructor guided meditation and mindfulness sessions and personal meditation coaching.  We welcome first timers to advanced practitioners.  Join us in our mission to make meditation and mindfulness a part of everyday life in FoCo.

School & Youth Programs

Benefit the entire school ecosystem of children, teachers, and staff with our programs. Sessions can be tailored for students or faculty and staff in order to benefit the health and wellness of an entire school by reducing stress, increasing energy and mental awareness.

Want to have The Meditation Station at your upcoming event? Contact us today and we can talk through potentials and possibilities!

We view mindfulness and meditation as one of the most powerful tools for personal growth. Different meditations we see as different doors that lead to the same beautiful room. Each varying meditation in the world is simply a different device for transcendence for each different kind of mind.  One type may resonate with you, while another type may not.  We encourage you to explore different types of techniques and ultimately explore deep inside yourself.

We want the Meditation Station to be a safe, comfortable space that like-minded individuals can utilize for self-improvement and growth within the community.  Whether your goal is to feel less stressed out with the demands of modern society, balance your health or attain higher levels of consciousness, our space is for you!

New to the world of sitting still in silence?  Start with our Minimalist Guide to Meditation.





Mindfulness is Powerful

Meditation and mindfulness has had and continues to have a profound effect on many lives.  It helps manage stress, increase energy, enhance compassion and live a more present minded life.

Because of this, we were inspired us to create this unique mobile studio.  We want to offer a place of solitude and introspection in today's connected world by giving people the space to going inside of yourself with awareness and attention, without distraction.


"Meditation is enough. Everything else follows on its own."  - Osho


Ready for Your Self-Exploration Experience?

Interested in a session?  Want the Station at your next event? Have questions or feedback?  We would love to hear from you!